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Wanted: The loan of an engine hoist – my husband is restoring our Morris Minor  and needs to get the engine in (or out?), and needs an engine hoist ideally for a weekend.

Wanted: sewing lessons for beginners – Mr RA103 Chichester

Wanted: 1 tchi for 8 music site comments (approximately 100 words each of a genuine opinion of music and realistic nature spaced out over two weeks). The purpose is to assist in attracting visitors. Mr NB85, Bognor Regis.

Wanted: Gardening.  Pruning fruit trees (and others), at appropriate times of the year; plums, apples, and cherry.  Strength and knowledge required, ideally!  Fruit picking at appropriate times of the year.  Tall person, at ease with ladders and heights!  Hedge cutting and clearing of clippings, required twice a year.  Mrs AC65, West Stoke, Chichester.

Wanted: Dog trainer required for two unruly dogs and one husband! Mrs KS46, Chichester

Wanted: Genealogical advice needed to trace family history, Mrs LN10, Chichester

Wanted: Babysitting, Mrs RD, Chichester

Wanted: Technology Project Assistant, Mr SS32, Bosham

Wanted: Guinea Pig sitting, Ms JC29, Chichester

Wanted: Child Minding (evening) 10 yr old, Ms JC29, Clymping

Wanted: Hair Cut, Mr JH28, Chichester

Wanted: Invitations to dine. Mr BC21, Bognor Regis.

Wanted: Photographer. Ms SK23, Chichester.

Wanted: Computer Tuition. Mrs HM11, Chichester.

Wanted: Help with completing Tax forms. Mrs HM11, Chichester.

Wanted: Bike Maintenance.  Mrs DC12, Chichester.

Wanted: Window Cleaning. Mrs DC12, Chichester.

Wanted: Handyman. Mrs SG15, Chichester.

Wanted: Gardening Mrs SG15, Chichester.

Wanted: Cat feeding Ms KS16, Chichester.

Wanted: Window cleaning. Ms KS16, Chichester.

Wanted: IT Tuition, selling on ebay Mrs KT18, Chichester.

Wanted: Starting a vineyard. Mrs KT18, Chichester.

Wanted: Landscaping – my back garden is in seroius need of a redesign to include fruit trees and vegetable growing space. Mrs CM4, Bognor Regis.

Wanted: DIY and decorating help. Mrs CM4, Bognor Regis.

Wanted: Admin secretary. Mr SM24, Bognor Regis.

Wanted: Hat making – I want to learn how to do it. Ms AR25, Chichester.

Wanted: Well lit room for use as photography studio. Miss CW3, Bognor Regis.

Wanted: Gardening help. Mr KD27, Littlehampton.

Wanted: Computer tuition. Mr KD27, Littlehampton.

Wanted: Information on anything interesting. Mr CA26, Chichester.

Wanted: Digging – I have to strip turf from some paths between veg beds. Mr KW1, Bognor Regis.


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