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TCHI partnerships extend the use of the TCHI beyond the private membership into the public domain (see Taking the TCHI to the next level). The organisations below either accept TCHIs for entry to their event or pay TCHIs if you do voluntary work for them. Each organisation has its own terms, conditions and limitations. These offers are administered independently of TCHI Directory – please follow the contact instructions for each below.

(E) TCHIs accepted for entry    (V) TCHIs paid for volunteering


NEW! Chichester University Music Department “What’s On”

(E) Entry to eligible events as indicated in the What’s On brochure from September 2012 onwards.

To book tickets from September 2012 onwards go to and follow Product Catalogue> Music > Events.

(V) We are seeking volunteers to assist with a wide range of pre-production preparations including costume making and alteration, prop and scene making and painting, and event promotion. If you are interested, please look out for email requests sent out by TCHI Directory and Transition Chichester.  Important terms… 

Transition Chichester Green Library

The green library holds over 100 books on a wide range of environmental subjects such as allotment management, permaculture, global warming etc. It is housed at the Basil Shippam Centre and available whenever Transition Chichester is holding events there.

(E) Annual Membership is £5 or 1 TCHI.

Transition Chichester Reskilling Project

Transition Chichester Reskilling Project holds workshops on a range of practical skills including bike maintenance, bread making, preserving, foraging, gardening and other skills that help us all to become more resilient and independent.

(V) We pay TCHIs for anyone willing to run a workshop. You don’t need any qualifications, just have a practical skill you wish to share. Don’t be afraid – workshops are informal and great fun. For further information fill in a contact form here…