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This website provides information on the TCHI - a unique local currency scheme that operates in and around Chichester, West Sussex, England. On this site you can:

The Kootenay Barter Buck – a forerunner of the TCHI

January 15, 2012

Over Christmas we had a guest from Canada, who brought with him a Kootenay Barter Buck – a note from a (once?) thriving local currency scheme in Nelson, British Columbia, that has many things in common with the TCHI.

It was set up in 1994, based on the famous New York  Icatha hour, and issued over 30, 000 hours worth of notes. It was exchanged for services just like the TCHI, but was also accepted by over 40 local businesses. They achieved that in just three years!

As well as hour notes they had half-hour and quater-hour notes (pictured here). Unlike the TCHI they had a direct cash transfer value of $10 per hour. I guess this made it easier to trade them for goods, and may have helped them be accepted more readily by local businesses.

I’m not sure if the scheme is still active or what its current status is but if you want to read more about it then click here to see their webpage – which I think is now defunct, unfortunately. Below you can click for an enlarged view of the front and back of the 1/4 hour note:

If any of our readers discovers anything more about this or any other time-backed currency, or think that the TCHI should adopt some of the Kootenay Barter Buck principles then please leave a comment or drop us an email.


Famous TCHI No.000036

November 30, 2011

Every TCHI tells a story! A unique feature of the TCHI is the facility to record transactions on the back creating a record of its social history.

TCHI No. 000036 has a great story to tell…

  • K helped C fix her bike and earned a TCHI
  • K spent his TCHI on one of M’s natty canvas bags
  • M used the TCHI to have a load of old pallets delivered for firewood by B
  • B spent his TCHI on a consultation about green building techniques from D
  • A few months later D used the TCHI for a consultation about his garden from B

So what do you do when all the boxes on a TCHI are full up? Simply send it back to us at TCHI Directory and we will issue you with a nice shiny new TCHI for free! Brilliant isn’t it?

Beautiful Hand Made Book

November 9, 2011

Keith is a skilled book-binder. His wonderful artisan craft transforms old books, replacing their damaged bindings using leather, stitching, embossed lettering and marbled paper in the traditional fashion – turning them into things of beauty.

Jenny used her TCHIs to commission Keith to create a new book which she wanted as a special gift for a family with a new born baby. The book was to act as a record of well-wishes and memories of that young life. Isn’t that a sweet idea?

Jenny was so pleased with the book (although it cost her several TCHIs as you might imagine) and says “I wanted it for my friend’s baby’s welcoming celebration. The book was used by a lot of the folk at the celebration to write down their wishes for the new baby. And although the photos doesn’t show it, each page was a different colour made from that lovely indian rag paper with the uncut edges.”

If you click on the photo you can get a better look at the book, and appreciate some of the quality craftmanship.

TCHIs for sore backs

November 7, 2011

Just had this nice story come in…

JS54 has been suffering from back pain…you can all guess why…she does too much of course. Anyway after some breathing practice and gentle back yoga, J says she is feeling significantly better. And AR25 has earned a TCHI. So two happy girls!

Isn’t that a nice TCHI story? What’s more I’ve just read in the news that Yoga has proved more efficient at relieving back pain than going to the doctors! (read Guardian article here)… Interesting!

TCHIs made the Earth move for Catherine!

November 6, 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the above slide show you can see a ‘gang’ of TCHI members spending a very sociable afternoon together helping Catherine move a load of topsoil four miles to her house. It took several trips, and lots of tea!

The idea of TCHI-Gangs is something we think can be developed. Now and then there are jobs where you just need a lot of hands at once – cleaning a new house, moving all the stuff out of the loft, clearing an area of garden etc. Working as a big team is great fun, and very social. To make it affordable the person hiring the gang can offer just 1 TCHI per gang member for a half day’s work, but makes it attractive by enhancing the social aspect by providing a meal, BBQ or an end-of-day party.

TCHI Tool Share goes live

September 25, 2011

A fantastic new development for TCHI members is now available – TCHI Tool Share – (Did you notice we’ve put a button to link straight to it at the top of the right hand column opposite, and an introductory page in the menu bar under the header image to help you get to it easily?)

The concept is simple, elegant and very Transition: TCHI members can now lend, borrow and share tools, gadgets and equipment as easily as they can share skills and services.

TCHI Tool Share is a new sister website to TCHI directory where members can immediately start posting adverts for any equipment they have sitting around that really needs to get out and be used. Now you can list it on the new website and hire it out for a TCHI. You know the saying “Reduce, reuse, recycle”? Well this is the ‘reuse’ bit, on a community level…

  • Gardening tools & DIY stuff…
  • Kitchen equipment & cleaning stuff…
  • Baby clothes, cots and buggies…
  • Audio-visual and reading materials…
  • Health and sports equipment…
  • plus lots more!

Take a look at the new site – it is user-friendly and colourful, and packed with interesting ideas for creating a really effective Community Tool Hire scheme. At the moment it is a little empty, but it’s ready to go…

…So what’s missing? You! What do we need? Your stuff! – We need you to help populate the listings with stuff that people are willing to lend and want to borrow, so please, take a look and post some items soon.

New members bring new services…

September 25, 2011

We’ve had three new members since our 50th celebration – so welcome to Miss SW51, Chichester; Miss MS52, Chichester and Mrs GR53 Gillian, Yapton!

As always, new members bring new opportunities and services:

  • Maths and Literacy Help for Children – Does your child need some extra help? I am encouraging and patient, and have good GCSE passes in Maths and English; I am currently studying for my ‘A’ levels. MS52, Chichester [Education]
  • Colour Therapy – One to one, or workshops on discovering your personality traits, and how to overcome challenges through the powerful medium of colour. GR53, Yapton [Health & Beauty]
  • Social Media – Ebay, Facebook and Amazon. Are you lost? Let me help you find your way! MS52, Chichester [Computer]

(Hey, Miss SW51 place an ad!)