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About the TCHI…

How do I get some TCHIs?…

1. The easiest way to get some TCHI is by joining the TCHI private membership scheme. For a nominal fee you receive a one off number of TCHIs to get you started. (Note: You cannot buy more in the future – you have to earn them!)

2. Whether you become a member or not you can also receive TCHIs by

  • doing voluntary work at a TCHI backed community event.
  • being given one by an existing TCHI member that you help out.
  • doing voluntary work for a participating organisation.

What can I do with my TCHIs?…

Key: member (M) or a non-member (N)

  • TCHI directory – trade services with other members (M)
  • TCHI toolshare – share tools and equipment with other members (M)
  • TCHI hand made goods – trade hand made items and home grown produce with other members (M)
  • TCHI partners – local organisations, attractions and places that will accept the TCHI as entry (N/M)

Coming soon…

  • TCHI businessess – businesses willing to accept TCHIs from members and non-members


Contact us…