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Art, Craft & Design

Glass mosaic workshops
Making mosaics out of stained glass shapes. Ms RC94, Chichester.

Dressmaking, quilting, patchwork etc. Mrs TL91, Bognor Regis.

Including aran and fairisle. Mrs TL91, Bognor Regis.

Tapestry Weaving and Spindle Spinning
Tapestry weaving and spindle spinning including the loan of basic equipment! Ms JW108, Chichester.


Felt Making.
Beginners felt making.  Advice and space to make small pieces.  Mrs JW82, Emsworth

Unique Artwork
Artists’ or poets’ work mainly onto card, and I can help you create your own.  Varied and inspirational fun. Ms PL76, Lavant.

Card Making.
Card making sessions, sterling for materials.  Mrs MP77, Chichester.

Basic Silk Painting for Beginners.
Basic introduction to techniques – fixing silk to frame, use of Gutta, mixing and fixing colours. Ms PS67, Chichester.

Clothes Re-design
Let me revamp your wardrobe!  I can recycle your old outfits into trendy new styles.  Also mending clothes, skirt shortening etc. Ms PS67, Chichester

Jewellery Commissions
I can create beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings or anklets according to your specification. Colours and styles flexible.CW3, Bognor Regis.

Tailoring services
Patterns made from your favourite items of clothing, and replicated in new or recycled fabrics. You chose and source the fabrics. I provide the know-how to sew them together.JC29, Chichester.

Paint a picture of your landscape
Oil or watercolour pictures painted from landscape or a photo. JC29, Chichester.

Model making activities
Anything to do with model making e.g. model making lessons, model flying lessons. Mr AG22, Aldwick.

Mosaic tuition and/or I will use your tiles to create mosaics to decorate your furniture, mirrors, frames etc or individual pieces. Miss RM7, Bognor Regis.

Pen and Ink Designs
I create black and white pen and ink drawings for brochures, orders of service, programmes, event and birthday cards. The style is my own, tending to be natural objects, landscape and plant forms, or abstract Celtic or sacred art and architecture. I can add calligraphy by hand or by computer to suit. Mr KW1, Bognor Regis.


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