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Seeking IT Upgrade

April 12, 2014

You may be looking at all the great stuff on this website and notice that the dates of posts are quite a while ago. We did have a founder member of the currency who was very keen on WordPress and worked hard to make this amazing website. Frankly I have no idea how to do something like this and I am only able to edit it, to some extent and hope that it doesn’t all go horribly wrong.

All the adverts have to be entered by administrator (currently only me) and any updates done in the same way. This is time consuming and we have long a vision to get a user updated website where everyone would have a login, a profile and could edit their own adverts. So far however this has appeared to be quite involved and has not got anywhere.

A user updated interface is essential really if we are to have much larger numbers of people using the TChi although as the TChi is a physical currency whatever we offer online does not stop people trading if they get in touch with other (contact lists are provided to members).

If you or someone you know would be keen to help and/or get involved with running the currency please e-mail or phone 01243 860170.

We do know that there is quite a bit of trading going on and there is certainly great potential for such a versatile currency. A member recently told me that he values his TChi to such an extent that he told his son to make sure he made use of them in the event of his untimely death (a very unlikely event I should hope!).

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