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Chichester University Music Department ‘Tchi accepted’ concerts goes live!

October 1, 2012

TCHIs can now be used for a range of wonderful concerts and musical events.

The new Univerity of Chichester Music Department programme of events has just been published – the first to provide entry for many concerts and performances in exchange for TCHIs.

A wide range of events are marked ‘Tchi accepted’. You simply reserve you seat on-line (see links below) and then pay a TCHI at the door.

To make things easier, we have listed all of the ‘Tchi accepted’ concerts below. Note, however, that there are many other concerts and workshops in the programme, some free, some paying. There is a link at the bottom to see them all.

What’s On Sep 2012 – Mar 2013 Music Programme
 Download here, or pick up a copy at the Green Fair.

For Tchi accepted events click on one of the links below
To see the full range of event and workshop bookings click here 

‘ TChi Accepted’ concerts, info and booking

Click here to se the full programme of events – free, paying and Tchi accepted

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