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Beautiful Hand Made Book

November 9, 2011

Keith is a skilled book-binder. His wonderful artisan craft transforms old books, replacing their damaged bindings using leather, stitching, embossed lettering and marbled paper in the traditional fashion – turning them into things of beauty.

Jenny used her TCHIs to commission Keith to create a new book which she wanted as a special gift for a family with a new born baby. The book was to act as a record of well-wishes and memories of that young life. Isn’t that a sweet idea?

Jenny was so pleased with the book (although it cost her several TCHIs as you might imagine) and says “I wanted it for my friend’s baby’s welcoming celebration. The book was used by a lot of the folk at the celebration to write down their wishes for the new baby. And although the photos doesn’t show it, each page was a different colour made from that lovely indian rag paper with the uncut edges.”

If you click on the photo you can get a better look at the book, and appreciate some of the quality craftmanship.

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