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TCHI Tool Share goes live

September 25, 2011

A fantastic new development for TCHI members is now available – TCHI Tool Share – (Did you notice we’ve put a button to link straight to it at the top of the right hand column opposite, and an introductory page in the menu bar under the header image to help you get to it easily?)

The concept is simple, elegant and very Transition: TCHI members can now lend, borrow and share tools, gadgets and equipment as easily as they can share skills and services.

TCHI Tool Share is a new sister website to TCHI directory where members can immediately start posting adverts for any equipment they have sitting around that really needs to get out and be used. Now you can list it on the new website and hire it out for a TCHI. You know the saying “Reduce, reuse, recycle”? Well this is the ‘reuse’ bit, on a community level…

  • Gardening tools & DIY stuff…
  • Kitchen equipment & cleaning stuff…
  • Baby clothes, cots and buggies…
  • Audio-visual and reading materials…
  • Health and sports equipment…
  • plus lots more!

Take a look at the new site – it is user-friendly and colourful, and packed with interesting ideas for creating a really effective Community Tool Hire scheme. At the moment it is a little empty, but it’s ready to go…

…So what’s missing? You! What do we need? Your stuff! – We need you to help populate the listings with stuff that people are willing to lend and want to borrow, so please, take a look and post some items soon.

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