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I spy transactions with a TCHI!

September 10, 2011

I’ve recently heard on the grapevine that TCHIers* have been up to no good…

One TCHIer reported helping another shift a load of junk out of her loft… Another was called on to give advice on planting and training fruit trees… Yet another has been paid to help plan the design of a garden… Another has sought help for problems with a new computer… Two TCHIers used a TCHI to attend an evening film showing… One of those lovely canvas bags has been bought in the last week or two… Book binding has been promised by one member for another…

…Are we witnessing a quiet revolution?

…is this a new economic paradigm?

You wouldn’t know it was going on if no one told you, would you? So… if you hear of any TCHI activities taking place please let us know – then we can SHOUT ABOUT IT!

*TCHIer: one who TCHIs; a person who exchanges kind deeds for an orange paper token known as a TCHI (Oxford Extended Dictionary)

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  1. Susie K permalink
    September 22, 2011 7:18 pm

    It wasnt junk in my loft!! In fact I now need help putting together the pieces of my pine bedstead in Chichester – and will be paying for that in Tchis earned by looking after another Tchiers dog next week.

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