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Taking the TCHI to the next level?

July 21, 2011

TCHI development plan (click to view)

The Economics Group are currently planning some great things for the TCHI.

The aim is that the TCHI develops value, acceptance and circulation. A currency is only worth what its users feel it is worth, so our task is to give it added value and extend the reach of its benefits.

Starting immediately, the Transition Chichester Re-skilling project will pay anyone who holds an event one TCHI. Anyone receiving a TCHI by this route could then become a member and trade skills and services via the TCHI directory. But what if they don’t want to join up? What value does their TCHI have then?

The next part of our plan is to approach local attractions (small cinemas, tourist attractions, museums etc) to see if they will accept TCHIs in place of an entrance fee (within certain limitations of course). We will only select attractions that depend on volunteers as part of their operation. Those volunteers will then receive the accumulated TCHIs, in the same way that restaurants share out tips among service staff.

This will increase the number of ways that TCHIs can be spent by members and non-members, increasing the perceived value of the TCHI, whilst at the same time extending its community currency role by supporting localism and volunteering – all very TC!

The ideas outlined above will lead to a new phenomenon: non-members who have only one or two TCHIs. How can they use them? Firstly, they may be inclined to join the TCHI scheme. If so, great! They will be very welcome, and no doubt bring new skills and services to the scheme for the benefit of all members. Alternatively, they may simply spend their TCHIs by using them to visit one of the other participating local attractions. Either way the TCHI maintains its role by circulating in the community as a support for voluntary work. But there is one more piece to the jigsaw…

The final idea in this public TCHI launch will be to invite existing TCHI scheme members to offer their services in public. Initially this will no doubt be fulfilled by members who already have a business and are happy for their contact details to be displayed on the TCHI directory web site. We have gained initial interest from TCHI members with businesses offering Garden Design consultations, Head Massage and Publishing Assistance.

A public member’s business page on the website will enable people who gain just a single TCHI, and who are not members, to spend their TCHI back into the private side of the scheme, ensuring TCHIs can circulate freely, and not end up stuck in someone’s pocket unable to be used.

I see this as the beginning of the TCHI as a fully fledged community currency. What do you think???

We would love to hear your views… Please contact us with any thoughts you have positive or negative!


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  1. July 24, 2011 6:42 am

    I’m really excited by this new development. At our re-skilling session yesterday morning – bottling a crop of plums that otherwise might have gone to waste – Claire Wilton, who loaned her kitchen, was presented with a TCHI. Let’s hope she enjoys ‘spending’ it!

  2. anita van rossum permalink
    July 21, 2011 9:39 pm

    I think this new approach will give the TCHI a much wider appeal and really bring it out into the community…more people will learn about the TCHI and use it and more will simultaneously learn about Transition and this then introduces attitudes and behaviours that lean towards more considerate ways to others and to environment. I have always been proud of the TCHI in its infancy but now it is beginning to walk!

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