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Fantastic canvas bags for TCHI members

January 30, 2011

Take a look at this natty canvas bag. I have seen two TCHI members proudly carrying these shoulder bags, the other was in a fetching British racing green. I discovered they are made by TCHI member Matt (MD5). For those of you who don’t know Matt, his main business is creating replacement soft-tops for 2CV cars. He has a workshop and buckets of practical skills, which he has offered to TCHI members – check out his directory listings. Intrigued, I interviewed Matt to find out more about these latest must-have TCHI fashion accessories…

Tell me about the green credentials of these bags Matt.
They are made from the piece I cut out of a 2CV roof when I put the rear window frame in. I have a stack of these pieces in a huge variety of colours, and had been looking for something useful to do with them. On Keith’s bag, I reused the webbing handle from the bag he was replacing, but on Barry’s the webbing is new (I keep a roll in stock) and I modified the positioning of the velcro on the flap, as I had noticed Keith’s did not stay fastened when over-stuffed. 

Can TCHI members ask for variations?
I can cater for individual requirements, and am always happy to be given new ideas for using offcuts. The fabric is waterproof acrylic canvas and is very hard-wearing.In the past I have been asked to make tool bags, tent peg bags and bags to hold all the annoying plastic feet that come with garden gazebos. I’m sure there are endless possibilities!
So there are lots of colour options. How can members choose?
Of course I have more offcuts of some colours than others, but the full range can be seen on
Interview by Keir Watson
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