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This website provides information on the TCHI - a unique local currency scheme that operates in and around Chichester, West Sussex, England. On this site you can:

Facebook Forum

April 12, 2014

The TChi now has a Facebook Forum set-up by Simon Mouatt which is a public group. This has been done so that members can have an opportunity to advertise any particularly pressing requirements which may need one or more TChi members to help you with. For instance member SS32 was carrying out some earthworks (that’s posh for digging) and putting down a new driveway surface so we posted out a request for assistance with the e-mail updating the contact list for members and he was able to get someone to help straight away.

You do have to be a Facebook user to use the Forum of course so we know this won’t suit everyone but it is another channel of communication which might prove popular for many.



Seeking IT Upgrade

April 12, 2014

You may be looking at all the great stuff on this website and notice that the dates of posts are quite a while ago. We did have a founder member of the currency who was very keen on WordPress and worked hard to make this amazing website. Frankly I have no idea how to do something like this and I am only able to edit it, to some extent and hope that it doesn’t all go horribly wrong.

All the adverts have to be entered by administrator (currently only me) and any updates done in the same way. This is time consuming and we have long a vision to get a user updated website where everyone would have a login, a profile and could edit their own adverts. So far however this has appeared to be quite involved and has not got anywhere.

A user updated interface is essential really if we are to have much larger numbers of people using the TChi although as the TChi is a physical currency whatever we offer online does not stop people trading if they get in touch with other (contact lists are provided to members).

If you or someone you know would be keen to help and/or get involved with running the currency please e-mail or phone 01243 860170.

We do know that there is quite a bit of trading going on and there is certainly great potential for such a versatile currency. A member recently told me that he values his TChi to such an extent that he told his son to make sure he made use of them in the event of his untimely death (a very unlikely event I should hope!).

Chichester University Music Department ‘Tchi accepted’ concerts goes live!

October 1, 2012

TCHIs can now be used for a range of wonderful concerts and musical events.

The new Univerity of Chichester Music Department programme of events has just been published – the first to provide entry for many concerts and performances in exchange for TCHIs.

A wide range of events are marked ‘Tchi accepted’. You simply reserve you seat on-line (see links below) and then pay a TCHI at the door.

To make things easier, we have listed all of the ‘Tchi accepted’ concerts below. Note, however, that there are many other concerts and workshops in the programme, some free, some paying. There is a link at the bottom to see them all.

What’s On Sep 2012 – Mar 2013 Music Programme
 Download here, or pick up a copy at the Green Fair.

For Tchi accepted events click on one of the links below
To see the full range of event and workshop bookings click here 

‘ TChi Accepted’ concerts, info and booking

Click here to se the full programme of events – free, paying and Tchi accepted

TCHI Summer Party was a Blast!

July 18, 2012

On Sunday 15th July approximately 35 TCHI members and interested newbies (‘TCHI Curious’) gathered for an evening of  TCHI based fun activities and socialising, which included:

TCHI Speed Updating
Where members had two minutes to discuss their skills and services, before moving on to meet a new person – a fun way to make new contacts and stimulate trades.

Bring and TCHI sale
Incredibly popular – with many hand-made and home-made items for sale, including insect hotels, jams, elderflower champagne, pies, vegetable seedlings and eggs – all exchanged for TCHIs on the basis of the time it took to make them!

Prize draw
Members wrote down ideas for transactions on slips of paper and popped them in a hat – as they were drawn out the ideas were read out and the winner collected one of the eleven prizes which included a bottle of bubbly, a Moro cookbook, a boiled wool bag, organic chocolates and a pot of flowering chives.

The purpose of the evening was to help members meet, exchange ideas and stimulate trading, as well as to attract new members. All of these points were achieved with a good deal of fun and we have added seven new members to the scheme. The success of the evening will encourage us to hold further events in the future, so if you missed out on the fun this time round we look forward to seeing you next time!

Animal hutches anyone?

June 18, 2012

TCHI member SR57 is offering the following:

  • Rabbit or Guinea Pig Wooden Hutch in good condition. Run panels available. Ramp for access to hutch if hutched mounted above ground.
  • Chicken Coup available.  Forsham Chicken Ark for 2 birds.  Good condition. Run below, ramp, roosting and nesting area above.

Contact her directly if you are interested or want more details.

Chichester University Music Department joins the TCHI

February 7, 2012

Exciting News and a Milestone for the TCHI!

Chichester University Music Department has become the latest member of the TCHI and our first independent partner.

The plan is that they will accept TCHIs for entry to many of their excellent and high quality productions. When the September edition of their What’s On  programme is published it will indicate which events can be paid for using TCHIs, and it will be possible to book seats online too.

To get a flavour of what’s on offer you can browse their current programme by clicking on the image. 

In the meantime the Music Department are offering the chance to earn TCHIs through assisting them with key tasks in the build-up to productions. We will email all Transition Chichester members specific requests in good time before each production, but to whet your appetite, here are some of the kinds of tasks that they often require:

  • Pattern cutting for costumes
  • Costume making
  • Costume alterations and repairs
  • Prop Making
  • Set building (Carpentry)
  • Scene painting (including simple priming/one colour painting)
  • Moving set, props, costumes from one location to another
  • Distributing flyers and posters
  • Photography

These productions will provide an ideal opportunity to get involved, develop your skills in a cooperative context and earn TCHIs. What’s more this is one of our level 3 developments – meaning non-TCHI-members will be able to participate in earning and spending TCHIs outside the circle of the private membership.

In fact one of our members, CW3, has already earned TCHIs providing a photography session for Chichester University Music Department – the result of which was used for the upcoming Marriage of Figaro poster shown above!

  • To learn more about TCHI partnerships visit our new Partnerships page.

Transition Chichester Green Library launched

February 4, 2012

At last night’s TC film showing the Green Library was launched – establishing a new TCHI partnership.

The library consists of over one hundred books generously donated by eco-shop Hidden Nature when, sadly, they closed down last year. The books cover a wide range of environmental and green issues, including permaculture, allotment management, climate change and so forth.

The books are housed in a mobile bookcase, converted from a recycled wardrobe, fitted out with new shelves, castors and handles to enable it to be easily moved around. The construction was lovingly carried out by TCHI member AG22. Last night he received an unexpected thank-you award of five TCHIs for his key contribution to the project.

The library will be available at the Bassil Shippham centre whenever Transition events are being held there.

If you wish to join the Green Library the cost is £5 (or 1 TCHI) per year, plus a £10 refundable deposit. This allows you to take out up to two books at a time. An online book list is soon to be available, and I will post a link here when it becomes available. In the meantime get along to one of the TC events at Bassil Shippham Centre and take a look for yourself!